Antique / collectible Ball Eclipse pint jar (lightening jar) 12 x $6.00

Antique / collectible Ball Eclipse pint jar (lightening jar) 12 x $6.00
Item# antique--collectible-ball-eclipse-pint-jar-lightening-jar-1212500

Product Description

A true find for the avid collector or packer/crafter who wants a totally unique look - CLEAR jars - pint size capacity

Ball Eclipse wide mouth - BRAND NEW IN SEALED FACTORY CARTON ... we found a few cartons of these collectible jars in an old glass storage warehouse unmoved since the mid 60's - totally environmentally sealed warehouse - so the jars are in great shape - the bails may show some corrosion consistant with metal that is over 50 years old .. but the ones I opened to photograph were remarkably in great shape .... I am selling these with no gaskets .. there were a dozen in a sealed jar inside along with instructions - being over 60 years old they are NOT usuable so are not part of this sale - though the glass top seals well without a gasket, I would recommend a new gasket for canning purposes.... a 100MM LeParfait gasket fits this jar - though it is larger on the outside then the original gaskets.

Any jar collector - or antique collector will realize what a find this was ! ... the Ball Eclipse jar was made until 1952.

Ball Eclipse Widemouth

Dates of production:

Ball Eclipse Widemouth, logo 3, 1928-1933

Ball Eclipse Widemouth, logo 4, round1933-1942

Ball Eclipse Widemouth, logo 4, rounded-square1947-1952


These jars, with a widemouth opening, have either a dimple or full-wire lightning finish.The words “Made In U.S.A.” sometimes appear on the front or reverse