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#100035 Granada 100ML Unique Italian 3 sided bottle - 12 x $1.85 each

 #100035 Granada 100ML Unique Italian 3 sided bottle - 12 x $1.85 each
Item# 100035-granada-100ml-unqique-italian-3-sided-bottle100035100312185

Product Description

One of the most unique and beatuiful 100ML bottles from Italy. Our most popular speciality bottle - back in stock!

Beautiful clear glass - 100ML - 3 sided bottle includes cork closure.

wholesale glass bottles from Italy - heat and food safe. These Italian wholesale glass bottles are great for Limoncello, olive oil, vinegar and almost any food or crafting usage. Our cork and swing top bottles are made in Italy and are considered among the best quality glass bottles available in the market today.Hardened glass bottles - swing top, cork and screw mouth bottles.

High quality wholesale glass bottles and Bormioli Rocco canning and storage wholesale glass jars. Large and small quantity pricing to meet all your food , olive oil, liquer, limoncello, and vinegar packaging needs. Please see our blog at http://www.glaspak.com (link enabled) for great information and usage ideas.