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*BACK IN STOCK *#149240 - FIDO 2L (67 3/4 oz) Hermetic jar - 6 per case - $5.00 each

<font color = 'red'>*BACK IN STOCK  *<font color = 'black'>#149240 - FIDO 2L (67 3/4 oz)  Hermetic jar - 6 per case - $5.00 each
Item# 149240--fido-2l-hermetic-jar--6-per-cas14924026420

Product Description

2 liters - 67 3/4 ounce to rim capacity Fido 2000 - Heavy Clear Italian Glass Air Tight Hermetic Latch Lid - Can Be Heat Bath Packed or Put in the Freezer Replaceable Rubber Gasket - Found Here Fabulous Storage Jar - Vintage Design Odor Proof and Stain Proof BPA Free

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